Text of ballot Measure U

Ballot question

Carpinteria Unified School District Repair, Safety and College/Career Readiness Measure.

To improve schools, attract and retain quality teachers, and prepare students for college and careers by repairing deteriorating classrooms, bathrooms/leaky roofs, removing asbestos and lead paint, upgrading electrical wiring and classroom technology, repairing, constructing, acquiring educational facilities, sites/equipment, shall Carpinteria Unified School District issue $90,000,000 in bonds at legal rates, requiring annual independent audits, citizens’ oversight, no money for administrators’ salaries or pensions, and all funds used locally?

Rincon High School

Rincon High School

Project list

The full text of the proposed bond measure included these excerpts from the project list:

Renovation, Repair and Upgrade Projects
  • Repair or replace leaky roofs, worn out floors.
  • Repair deteriorating plumbing, ventilation and heating systems.
  • Upgrade classrooms, science labs, libraries, career-training facilities and computer systems to keep pace with changing technology.
  • Repair and modernize outdated, deteriorating classrooms and school buildings.
  • Upgrade classrooms and science labs so that they comply with current standards.
  • Replace aging, outdated portables with permanent classrooms that meet 21st Century health, safety and academic standards.
  • Add electrical wiring capacity so that it can handle modern instructional technology.
  • Add/upgrade classrooms, science building, labs and school facilities to prepare students for careers and college, and attract and retain quality teachers.
  • Upgrade vocational and career training classrooms, labs and equipment.
  • Improve access for disabled persons.
  • Repair deteriorating bathrooms.
Student Safety
  • Upgrade fire safety systems including fire safety doors, smoke alarms and detectors to make students safe in the event of an emergency.
  • Modernize schools and classrooms to improve access for students with disabilities.
  • Upgrade and install new security systems, such as classroom door locking systems, security lighting, fencing, smoke detectors, and fire alarms and sprinklers.
  • Replace aging, outdated portables with permanent classrooms that meet 21st Century health, safety and academic standards.
  • Repair leaky roofs.
  • Remove hazardous materials like asbestos and lead paint from older school sites.
  • Retrofit classrooms to meet current earthquake safety standards.
Energy Efficiency – Returning Savings to the Classroom
  • Install energy efficient systems including efficient lighting and solar systems, to save money and protect the quality of instruction in core subjects like reading, math, science, engineering and technology.
  • Replace older heating, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting systems with building code compliant, energy efficient systems which will save money, allowing the District to attract and retain quality teachers.
Instructional Technology and Wiring Projects
  • Upgrade instructional technology in the classroom for improved student learning.
  • Provide and maintain up-to-date technology, data and communication equipment.
  • Upgrade and expand wireless systems, telecommunications, Internet and network connections, upgrade electrical wiring.
  • Provide improved, up-to-date technology infrastructure.