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  • Summer 2019 Projects Underway

    Today, construction began on our latest round of classroom modernization projects at Aliso, Canalino/CFS, and CHS. The total construction expenditure across all three campuses for Summer 2019 Projects is just over $12.5 million!


    All of the classrooms in Buildings C and D at Canalino/Carpinteria Family School will receive new furniture during Summer 2019 and will be ready for students when they return in the Fall. Modernization of the campus is also set to begin in Summer 2019 and will continue through the 2019-2020 school year. Construction will be phased to accommodate ongoing classroom instruction.

    The current modernization includes alterations to existing campus buildings to remodel and update restrooms to current ADA accessibility standards; updating mechanical systems and communications system, updating lighting, door hardware and replacing certain exterior and interior finishes.

    • Estimated Construction Cost for Summer 2019 Modernization: $3,609,034
      Contractor: McGillivray Construction, Inc.


    All classrooms in Buildings C and D at Aliso Elementary School will be remodeled over Summer 2019 and will receive brand new furniture. The scope of the modernization also includes the restrooms as well as electrical, HVAC, and fire alarm upgrades and exterior paving.

    • Estimated Construction Cost: $1,683,000
      Contractor: McGillivray Construction, Inc.


    The modernization of classroom Wings C and G and the modernization of the Ag classroom in Wing D will begin Summer 2019 and is anticipated to be complete by August 2019. The modernization of classrooms in Wings B and F will start construction in Summer 2020 and will be completed by August 2020.

    The classroom modernizations will include: new furnishings, flooring, ceilings, ceiling fans, paint and finishes, roller shades, marker and tack boards, flat screens, fire alarm and heating units. New walkways will be constructed in Summer 2019 along with new doors and hardware. The estimated construction costs are:

    • Walkways and Exterior Work: $1,131,071
      Contractor: Shaw Contracting, Inc.
    • Modernization of Wings C, D, G, B and F: $6,275,587
      Contractor: McGillivray Construction, Inc.