State funding


In November 2016, state voters approved Proposition 51 a $9 billion state-wide school facilities bond. This is good news for CUSD as the district is eligible for state funding for projects.

How it Works

Districts can apply for funding on a project-by-project basis after the construction plans are approved by the California Division of the State Architect. Depending on the type of project, districts pay 40-50% of estimated costs, with the state funding the balance. The applications are filed with the Office of Public School Construction and are then processed for funding in the order received.

Projects are funded as the state sells the bonds which generate the cash. Under prior state bond measures, these projects were generally funded within six months of submittal by districts. However, for the current state facility program, the state has greatly reduced the amount and frequency of bond sales which are needed to fund district projects.

CUSD Applications: $16.1 Million

The Measure U team has completed the application process for approximately $16.1 million in funding. However, the amounts and timing of receipt cannot be assured due to the significant backlog of projects at the Office of Public School Construction.

Current estimates by the District’s consultant, School Facility Consultants, are projected in the chart below. Due to delays in the State funding, the Governing Board has approved deferral of projects to be funded with state funds.

These are: Aliso modular classrooms, Canalino Learning Center, Canalino ECLC, Canalino Administration Building and kitchen, and CHS Engineering Academy. Additional bond-funded projects have also been deferred. These projects are: Main School modernization and modular classrooms, CMS MPR modernization and District Office modernization.