Site committees

Conceptual site planning complete

The conceptual site planning process for all campuses is now complete. Planning was a collaborative effort to reveal the “big picture” plan for each campus, identify major needs, and prioritize the list of individual projects for budgetary purposes. The site committee members, staff, architects and Board of Trustees worked in earnest from January through September 2016 to develop conceptual plans and budgets for each campus that address the challenges and opportunities unique to each site and dramatically improve the learning environment for our students.

The CUSD Board of Trustees approved the conceptual site plans and conceptual cost estimates for all campuses. The completion of this extremely important and critical milestone enabled the architects and CUSD Planning Department to develop a master Measure U schedule and phased implementation plan for each campus. Now, detailed project design can begin.

Plans and budgets can be viewed by in the “Projects” section in the main menu.

A site committee meeting in May 2016.

A site committee meeting in May 2016.

A Special Thanks

The District and Measure U planning team would like to extend our sincerest THANKS to each and every Site Committee Member. This group of volunteers — parents, teachers, students, Principals, community members, Board of Trustees and campus stakeholders — generously gave their time and energy to participate in this planning process. Your thoughtfulness, input, and desire to create environments where are students will THRIVE is reflected in the conceptual plans. We couldn’t have done this without you!

What’s been done

  • November 2015: Kick-off meeting
  • January 2016: Site Committee Meeting #1. Tour campus, identify major campus needs
  • February 2016: Site Committee Meeting #2. Identify campus priorities and develop list
  • March 2016: Site Committee Meeting #3. Review site diagrams for safety, security, and functionality; review preliminary budget
  • April 2016: Site Committee Meeting #4. Review conceptual site plans and preliminary budgets
  • May 2016: Board of Trustees performs mid-process reviews of each site
  • June 2016: Site Committee Meeting #5. Review input from Board of Trustees and discuss options for refinement
  • July 2016: Site Committee Meeting #6. Finalize conceptual plans, project lists and budgets
  • August 2016: Review conceptual plans, project priorities and budgets with the Board of Trustees.
  • September 2016: Present final conceptual plans, project lists, and budgets to the Board of Trustees for approval
  • October 2016: Architects projected to begin design work on specific projects.
  • October 2016: Draft master Measure U schedule; design work for modular classrooms begins

Next steps

  • November 2016: Present Rincon High School Conceptual Plan and Budget to Board of Trustees for Final Approval
  • November 2016: Present Draft Master Measure U Schedule
  • December 2016: Architects Begin Design of Individual Projects
  • March 2017: Begin Installation of Fire Alarm Upgrades
  • June 2017: Install interim housing at Canalino, CMS and CHS
  • June 2017: Demolish and replace portables at CMS and CHS