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    Summerland Elementary School

    The Summerland Elementary School conceptual plan re-envisions the site and capitalizes on the topography by creating a new Lower Campus that serves as an outdoor classroom. On the main campus, all portables will be replaced with new modulars. A new lunch shelter and hard court will be built. Significant ADA improvements will be made to the campus as well as new ramps and retaining walls for safety and security.

    Site allocation


    • Measure U funds: $$2,532,850
    • Other funds: $3,467,150 (sale of Toro Canyon property and developer fees)


    • Replace 4 portable classrooms with 6 new modular buildings
    • New ramps and retaining walls
    • New lunch shelter

    What’s Next?

    On June 30, 2019, the District applied for a Coastal Development Permit (CDP) for Summerland School. The District was required to meet three important milestones prior to submitting the CDP application to the County of Santa Barbara’s Planning Commission:

    • Design approval from the Summerland Architectural Board of Review
    • Initial presentation to the County’s Architectural Board of Review.
    • Design approval from the County’s Architectural Board of Review.

    Once the CDP is approved, the Measure U team can proceed with developing construction documents for approval by the Division of State Architects.