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    Student Success Center (Formerly Rincon and Foothill High Schools)

    Rincon and Foothill High Schools are being transformed in the Student Success Center; a new program that will be incorporated into CHS. As a result, the existing CHS Administration Building is currently being modernized into two classrooms where students will receive individualized instruction, can do independent study or receive counseling. The surrounding offices will house various counseling and support staff. The Student Success Center will be available to all CHS students.

    The recent closure of the CHS campus, due to COVID-19, allowed construction to get underway on May 15, 2020; several weeks ahead of schedule. The anticipated completion date for construction is October 31, 2020. Once construction is complete, furnishings will be installed.

    • Contractor: McGillivray Construction Inc.
    • Completion Date: October 2020
    • Construction Cost: $1,655,146