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    Interim Housing at Canalino, CMS and CHS

    Completed Summer 2017

    During Summer 2017, interim housing projects were completed at Canalino, CMS and CHS. With interim housing in place for student and staff use, existing portables were demolished, and staging and site work was completed for future modernization projects as well as the construction of the new, Gen7 modular classrooms that will begin in Summer 2018. The interim housing projects provide the learning spaces necessary to keep the campuses fully operational during the implementation of Measure U.

    These extremely important “anchor” projects set the stage for the remaining Measure U projects at those three campuses. The completion of these projects is an important milestone for Measure U. Carpinteria-based Shaw Contracting was selected as the contractor for all three interim housing projects with the total spent just under $640,000. The interim house projects came in under budget and were completed ahead of schedule, allowing teachers to move in a few days early to prepare for the 2017-18 school year.

    Canalino Elementary School Interim Housing

    Six existing portables classrooms were relocated to the black top playground to serve as interim housing. One portable classroom was relocated to Carpinteria High School to be used for interim housing.

    Six portables relocated

    Carpinteria Middle School Interim Housing

    Four aging portables were demolished at CMS during Summer 2017. Five portables — 3 existing portables from CMS and 2 that are leased — were placed to the west side of the field for interim housing.

    4 Portables Demolished at CMS

    Three portables relocated and two leased at CMS.

    Carpinteria High School Interim Housing

    At CHS, 4 aging portables were demolished. A total of 5 portables were placed in front of the cafeteria to serve as interim housing. Two of the five portables for interim housing were relocated from elsewhere on campus, one portable came from Canalino and two portables are leased.

    4 Portables Demolished at CHS


    Two portables relocated and three leased.