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  • Project

    Carpinteria Middle School

    The Carpinteria Middle School conceptual plan calls for all portables on site to be replaced with new modulars. To accommodate the new classroom layout, the track needs to be reconfigured and will become a 400-meter track.

    The main building and multipurpose room will also be improved with renovations to classrooms, the old locker rooms, music and band rooms. New shade structures will be provided throughout the campus for student comfort. The entrance will also be redesigned to provide a secure single point of entry to the campus.

    Site Allocation


    • Measure U funds: $9,934,400
    • State funds: $274,110

    Completed Projects

    New Modular Classrooms & Track Reconfiguration

    • Completed January 2019
    • Construction Cost: $4,213,506

    The construction of (8) Gen7 modular classrooms and an adjoining restroom was completed in January 2019. Each classroom was outfitted with new furniture and the latest Teacher Tech Tools. The interim housing was removed plus three portable classrooms eradicating all portable classrooms from the site. CMS is the first campus to be rid of all portable classrooms! Providing healthy, high quality, energy efficient learning spaces is the primary goal of Measure U. The track at CMS was also upgraded and reconfigured earlier this year.

    Remodel Staff and Student Restrooms

    • Completed August 2018
    • Construction Cost: $220,000

    One set of staff and student restrooms in the main building at CMS was updated to comply with current accessibility standards.

    Improved Security at Front Entry

    • Completed August 2018

    The front entry is now secured during school hours. Visitors are viewed by a security camera and must “buzz” the front office prior to gaining entry.

    Art & Shop Building Roof Replacement

    • Completed August 2017
    • Construction Cost: $181,423

    Multipurpose Building Roof Replacement

    • Completed August 2016
    • Construction Cost: $176,087

    What’s Next?

    The next major project will be the renovation of the “Old Gym” / Multipurpose Room including the stage. The construction was slated to begin in early 2020 but is being deferred until the 2022-2023 school year due to the delay in receiving matching funds from the State.