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    Carpinteria High School

    The Carpinteria High School conceptual plan lays out a three-phase implementation plan. CHS will replace all old portables on campus with new modular classrooms including a new science wing. Extensive modernization work will be done in the cafeteria as well as classroom wings B, C, D, F and G creating a dynamic learning environment for our students. A new administrative/student services building will sit near the parking lots and will anchor the new plaza at the entrance of the campus.

    Athletic facilities will also see significant improvements with the renovation of the gymnasium.

    Site Allocation


    • Measure U funds: $$29,084,000
    • State funds: $3,382,650

    Completed Projects

    Classroom Modernization — Wings B and F

    The modernization of classrooms in Wings B and F began construction on May 15, 2020 and were completed this summer. The classroom modernizations included: new furnishings, flooring, ceilings, ceiling fans, paint and finishes, roller shades, marker and tack boards, flat screens, fire alarm and heating units. The library was also modernized.

    • Completion Date: August 2020
    • Construction Cost (Wings C, G, F and B): $7,195,693

    Classroom Modernization

    • Estimated Completion Date: August 2020
    • Estimated Construction Cost: $7,406,658

    Modernization of classroom Wings C and G and the modernization of the Ag classroom in Wing D began were completed in August 2019. New walkways were constructed in Summer 2019 along with new doors and hardware. The modernization of classrooms in Wings B and F will start construction in Summer 2020 and will be completed by August 2020. The classroom modernization includes: new furnishings, flooring, ceilings, ceiling fans, paint and finishes, roller shades, marker and tack boards, flat screens, fire alarm and heating units.

    Classroom before

    Classroom after

    Art room before

    Art room after

    Ceramics room before

    Ceramics room after

    New kilns

    Science room after

    Music room after

    New Modular Classrooms

    • Completed February 2019
    • Construction Cost: $5,266,779

    CHS is now home to (5) new Gen7 science classrooms, (1) Gen7 classroom and (1) computer lab. The construction was completed in January and students began using the classrooms in February 2019 after receiving new furniture and the latest Teacher Tech Tools.

    Roof Replacements for Admin. and Cafeteria Buildings

    • Completed August 2018
    • Construction Cost: $587,534

    Modernization of Student Restrooms

    • Completed August 2018
    • Construction Cost: $ 1,253,407

    The student restrooms in the “D”, “F” and “G” Wings were modernized over Summer 2018.

    Replace Walkways and Doors for “G” Wing

    • Completed August 2018
    • Construction Cost: $536,183

    Walkways and doors for the “G” wing were replaced to comply with current accessibility standards.

    Classroom Wings B & F Roof Replacement

    • Completed August 2017
    • Construction Cost: $502,937

    Classroom Wings C & G Roof Replacement

    • Completed August 2016
    • Construction Cost: $503,912

    Upper Gymnasium Roof Replacement

    • Completed August 2016
    • Construction Cost:  $138,237

    ADA Site Improvements – Walkway Replacements Phase 1

    • Completed August 2016
    • Construction Cost: $562,726

    The project made ADA improvements to the site by replacing a portion of the walkways on campus. This included underground utility work on the associated gas, electric and sewer lines.

    Replace Student Lockers

    • Completed January 2016
    • Construction Cost: $89,547

    The locker replacement project is the first project funded by Measure U.

    A total of 860 new lockers were installed at Carpinteria High School in January 2016. The lockers have a superior paint coating system that will be easier to maintain, continuous stainless steel hinges for long lasting durability and are also ADA compliant. New locks with red dials were added to the project to reflect the school’s color.

    Students can now store their textbooks, supplies, and personal items in a clean, safe place. Another benefit of the locker replacement project is improved circulation on campus. Rather than simply replacing the lockers in their existing location, CUSD capitalized on the opportunity to spread them out to ease the congestion in a couple of key areas on campus.

    Before …

    … after.

    Current Projects

    Administration Building Design

    Plans for the design of the new Administration Building at CHS were submitted to the Division of the State Architect for review on October 9, 2020.

    The new 5,500 square foot administration building will be constructed at the front of the school between the “F” wing for classrooms and the faculty parking lot. This location will improve access to visitors as well as provide additional security for the campus. It has been designed to be compatible with the existing buildings and will house offices for the high school’s administrative staff and counselors.

    Gymnasium Modernization

    The modernization of the gymnasium began construction in July 2020 and is anticipated to be complete in February 2021. The scope of the modernization includes: a new layout as well as new finishes; remodeled locker rooms, restrooms and showers; new bleachers, scoreboards and backboards; new technology, and lights.

    • Contractor: McGillivray Construction Inc.
    • Construction Cost: $4,531,019
    • Completion Date: February 2021