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  • Measure U Status Update

    2016 has been a year of great progress for Measure U. The locker replacement project at CHS in January 2016 and completion of Summer 2016 projects at Canalino, CMS and CHS represented the beginning of a long line of tangible and visible outcomes of Measure U that will improve our learning environments. Conceptual plans, budgets and project lists have been developed for each campus and approved by the Board of Trustees. Now, detailed design can begin. Here’s a summary of what’s been accomplished in 2016 and a look at what’s to come.

    2016 Accomplishments

    Conceptual Planning Completed

    The 9-month conceptual site planning process for all campuses is now complete! Conceptual plans and budgets can be viewed in the “Projects” section of the main menu.

    Approved September 22, 2016
    • Aliso Elementary School – $10.2 million
    • Canalino Elementary School / CFS – $12.2 million
    • CCP at Main – $7 million
    • Carpinteria Middle School – $9.9 million
    • Carpinteria High School – $28.7 million
    Approved November 22, 2016
    • Summerland Elementary School – $5.2 million*
    • Rincon / Foothill High Schools – $1.9 million

    * Note: After completion of the conceptual plan, it was determined that the entire school site must be rebuilt in order to meet ADA standards and function safely and efficiently as an elementary school. The cost estimate exceeds the site allocation in the Facilities Master Plan by approximately $3.5 million. On November 22, 2016, the Board of Trustees approved the use of $2.7 million in proceeds from the sale of the Toro Canyon property and money from refinancing Measure A (1995 local bond) plus an additional $830,000 in developer fees to account for the difference, bringing the total estimated construction cost for Summerland to $5.2 million. The sale of the Whitney property can partially replenish these funds at a later date.

    CUSD May be Eligible for State Funds

    On November 8, 2016, California voters approved Proposition 51 – the $9 billion school-construction bond – demonstrating their support for school facilities. Of the $9 billion, a total of $6 billion is allocated for K-12 schools across the State with new construction projects and modernization projects totaling $3 billion each.

    The race to apply for State funding has begun and CUSD is getting in line. Based upon the passage of Prop 51 and the matching funds provided by Measure U, CUSD is potentially eligible for $10.5 million in modernization funds from the State that could be spread across multiple campuses. CUSD will submit applications once project plans for modernization have been approved by the Division of the State Architect – a milestone that must be met before applying for funds through the Office of Public School Construction. Planning for these projects has already begun.

    Completed Projects

    Thanks to the community’s support, Measure U projects totaling more than $1.5 million in construction costs have been completed with nearly 50% of the total contract amount awarded to Carpinteria-based construction companies and the remaining half awarded to firms in Santa Barbara and Ventura counties. View completed projects here.

    A Look at What’s to Come

    The next steps include the following. The schedule is subject to change.

    November 2016
    • Present draft master Measure U schedule to Board of Trustees;
    • Architects begin design of individual projects including modular classrooms and modernization projects for all sites
    March 2017
    • Begin Installation of Fire Alarm Upgrades and Voice Evac Systems
    Summer 2017
    • Install interim housing at Canalino, CMS and CHS
    • Demolish and replace portables at CMS and CHS
    • Replace roofs at CHS – B Wing (Library) and F Wing
    • Install dugout and batting cage for girls’ softball at CHS
    • Replace backstop for girls’ softball at CHS
    • Relocate pupil services
    • Kitchen drain line replacements at Aliso, Canalino and CMS