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  • District Celebrates 1st Anniversary of Measure U

    CARPINTERIA – November 2015 marked one year since voters of Carpinteria generously passed Measure U, the $90 million general obligation bond that promised to address Carpinteria Unified School District’s aging facilities, infrastructure and technology needs.

    One year later, Carpinteria Unified School District has made good on that promise.

    The Carpinteria Unified School District recently received a AA credit rating from Standard and Poor, one of the highest ratings possible for a public school district in California, and is currently in its first issuance of $20 million which went into effect on Nov. 19, 2015.

    In addition to beginning planning efforts at each campus, seven projects were chosen as part of the first issuance. These “anchor projects” lay the foundation for future work and include improvements required by the Division of the State Architect. The selected projects also have an immediate impact on all campuses and can be constructed within the next three years. Many other projects are identified under Measure U and will be implemented in phases over the next five to seven years.

    “I wanted to mark this first ‘anniversary’ by letting the community know where we are in the midst of Measure U, and to once again thank the voters for investing in the future of our students, our schools and our community”, said Micheline Miglis, Superintendent. In addition to Carpinteria Unified School District’s first issuance, other accomplishments related to Measure U include:

    • Established a Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee. This seven member committee meets quarterly and is responsible for reviewing Measure U expenditures.
    • Established Site Committees at each campus for planning and design input. A kick-off meeting including all Site Committees was held November 19, 2015. Conceptual planning meetings will continue at each campus through Spring 2016.
    • Selected Architects. Through a competitive, qualifications-based process, KBZ Architects and Robert Robles Architecture were hired. Both firms specialize in educational facility design and have prior experience working with the District.
    • Developed Project List for Bond Sale. These projects are funded by the first issuance of $20 million. Two to three more issuances for Measure U are anticipated.
    • Developed District Standards for Construction to create a sense of parity and streamline the construction process.

    “We understand our role as stewards of your resources and trust”, said Micheline Miglis, Superintendent. “We are committed to a transparent bond management process and will continue to demonstrate that your trust is well placed.”

    Projects that are funded by the first issuance and will take place over the next three years include:

    • Replace Student Lockers. The very first project, the replacement of student lockers at Carpinteria High School, will take place over Winter break and will be ready for students when they return in January 2016.
    • Upgrade Fire Alarm, Voice Evac and PA Systems at Each Campus. These system upgrades are needed to improve safety and security at each campus.
    • Replace Portables. The District has a total of 63 portables that will all eventually be replaced. Replacing portables at Carpinteria Middle School and Rincon High School are included in the first issuance.
    • Upgrade Student Restrooms at Aliso Elementary School, Canalino Elementary School and Carpinteria Family School.
    • Upgrade Kitchen/Multipurpose Room at Canalino Elementary School and Carpinteria Family School.
    • Gym Improvements. Make improvements to the gym and upgrade the girls and boys locker rooms at Carpinteria High School.
    • New Science Classrooms. Build new science classrooms at Carpinteria High School.

    “We are excited to continue moving forward on bond projects and keep the community updated as we progress. We are grateful to the community for their continued support,” stated Superintendent Micheline Miglis.