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  • CUSD Completes First Project Funded by Measure U: New Student Lockers at Carpinteria High School

    CARPINTERIA — While students and staff had a few weeks off for the holidays, Carpinteria High School received a minor facelift in the form of new student lockers courtesy of Measure U.

    Students of Carpinteria High School returned from Winter Break today to find brand new lockers on the campus.


    Old lockers …


    And new.

    “A total of 860 new lockers were installed at Carpinteria High School. The lockers have a superior paint coating system that will be easier to maintain and continuous stainless steel hinges for long lasting durability,” said David Weniger, Director of Facilities and Operations for the District. “They are also ADA compliant.” New locks with red dials were added to the project to reflect the school’s color. The locker replacement project was funded by Measure U.

    “The students were genuinely excited to see their new lockers,” said Gerardo Cornejo, Principal of Carpinteria High School. “Now they can store their text books, supplies, and personal items in a clean, safe place. Another benefit of the locker replacement project is improved circulation on campus. Rather than simply replacing the lockers in their existing location, we took the opportunity to spread them out to ease the congestion in a couple of key areas.”

    “It just goes to show that no project is too small to have an impact on our students and improve their daily routine and learning environment. We’re pleased the benefits of the locker replacement project at CHS were felt immediately,” said Micheline Miglis, Superintendent of Carpinteria Unified School District. “Once again, we thank the community for their continued support of the District and Measure U.”