Completed projects

Thanks to the community’s support of Carpinteria schools, the following Measure U projects have been completed totaling more than $4 million in construction costs with nearly 50% of contracts awarded to Carpinteria-based companies.

Interim Housing at Canalino, CMS and CHS

Completed Summer 2017

During Summer 2017, interim housing projects were completed at Canalino, CMS and CHS. With interim housing in place for student and staff use, existing portables were demolished, and staging and site work was completed for future modernization projects as well as the construction of the …

Carpinteria High School Upper Gymnasium roof replacement

Summer 2016

The roof on the Upper Gymnasium is being replaced and includes repairing and/or replacing the existing skylights as necessary. Inside the gymnasium, new motorized basketball backstops are being installed to automate the raising and lowering of all of the existing basketball backboards. Contractor: Derrick’s Roofing …

Carpinteria High School Classroom Wings C and G and Upper Gym Roof Replacement

Completed Summer 2016

The roofs on Classroom Wings C and G and the Upper Gymnasium were replaced and included repairing and replacing the existing skylights. Construction Cost: $503,912 (Wings C & G) Contractor: Craig Roof Company Construction Cost: $138,237 (Upper Gym) Contractor: Derrick’s Roofing Company

Multipurpose Room Interior Upgrades at Canalino Elementary School

Completed Summer 2016

The project included painting the interior of the multipurpose room (cafeteria area) and its entrance vestibule and installing new flooring and new wall-pocket folding lunch tables and benches. Construction Cost:  $223,700 Contractor:  EJS Construction, Inc.

Replace student lockers at Carpinteria High School

Completed January 2016

A total of 860 new lockers were installed at Carpinteria High School in January 2016. The lockers have a superior paint coating system that will be easier to maintain, continuous stainless steel hinges for long lasting durability and are also ADA compliant. New locks with …