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  • Classrooms Receive New Technology Tools to Engage Students

    All classrooms throughout the District are in the process of being outfitted with a new Teacher Technology Tools package courtesy of Measure U. Each package includes:

    • MacBook Air
    • iPad
    • 70” Apple TV with vertically adjusting wall mount
    • Belkin Tablet Stage (to be used with iPad as a document camera)
    • Poetic Turtleskin iPad case
    • MacBook Air Sleeve

    The specific items included in the Teacher Technology Tools package were carefully selected to enhance the learning environment, improve infrastructure and replace outdated projectors, document cameras and old laptops with new equipment designed to engage students. The TVs will also serve as our infrastructure for broadcasting video and other services as they will be connected to our data network. In contrast to consumer brand TVs, these commercial grade TVs have 20-watt speakers which will fill a classroom, sharper picture, tougher screens, better cooling, and are built for longevity with 24/7 use.

    The installation will be completed before the end of March 2018.